2021 Tax Year Preparation (Filing in 2022)

Hours: Monday through Friday 11am - 5pm
Saturday 12pm - 2pm Starting Feb 5th

No appointments, first come first served. 
Alternatively, you can drop off the returns in the office. I will have them ready within 2 business days.
Please bring all pertinent  forms W-2', 1099, 1098, and other tax related documents. If you renewed your driver's licensce after Jan 1, 2020, please make a copy of both the front and back of your drivers license. (and your spouse if you are married).

If you are a new client, you will need to bring your previous years tax returns, along with copies of your driver's license(s).

If you have questions or concerns, please email me at shealy@dhotravel.com .  I am prompt with responding to emails. 
Refrain from calling. If I am working with someone at my desk, I will be unable to take your phone call.

Our fee's start at $125 for a short form preparation, and $175 for itemized deductions.